• BalaTec guarantees work for 15 days after pickup. If the problem with your machine reoccurs within that timeframe, we will apply the previous charge to the new service provided. If there is an additional charge, you will be notified before the work is done.


  • BalaTec does not accept responsibility for any damage to your computer's hardware or peripheral devices. Please remove all cables, CD's, thumb drives and other media before bringing in your PC (except if you have a laptop, then please bring the power cord).


  • BalaTec does not accept responsibility for loss of personal data or installed software applications that may be on your computer's hard drive. You are responsible for making sure that any critical data is backed up before bringing your computer in, and also for providing copies of any licensed software (if necessary).


  • When you pick up your computer, you are responsible for picking up all peripheral devices and media. We are not responsible for the subsequent loss of any items that you may leave behind.


  • BalaTec technicians will work on your computer to the best of their abilities; however WCS does not guarantee that its technicians will be able to solve the problem or problems that your computer is experiencing. In the event we cannot fix your computer, a $50 troubleshooting fee will be assessed